To make your pledge, please click the following link:

As part of our commitment to excellence with caring, the Freshman Class of ’99 would like to present the University with a substantial endowment of $199,999 to create the 1999 Freshman Class’ Legacy Fund.

WE CAN DO THIS! Our goal is to secure 99 pledges of $1999.00 to be donated directly to our class endowment website, which is officially live.

To get the ball rolling, the below alums have already made pledges to the endowment:

Jamila Abston                                   Hope Jones
Irene Aihie                                        Apuje Kalu
Gabby Albert                                    Mike Lipford
Javonte Anyabwele                         Virgil Miller
Shakara Barnes                               Chrichet Mixon
Walt Brown                                      Helen Okoro
Nikki Foster                                      Arian Reed
Aventer Gray                                    Dhane Scottie
Rahman Grayson                            Ariane Turner   
Charles Johnson                             Joy Scarlet

We want to grow this group and give our donation back to our beloved alma mater.  No amount is too small—or large. We would like to reach our overall goal by 9/9/19 (Get it?).

Levels of Donation

  • #COLAC – Individual Donation – $1999.00
  • #EWC (Excellence with Caring) – Group Donation of $1999.00
  • #RattlerPride – Donation at large – $99
  • #FriendsofFAMU – Company Sponsored Match or Donation
  • #20YearsARattler – Donation at Large – up to the discretion of the donor

To make your pledge please click the following link:

Important information regarding your donation:       

  • All money is donated directly into our class designated endowment set up through the FAMU Foundation
  • All money raised will remain in the endowment and is invested by the University. Individual donations are tax deductible.
  • Group donations will need to designate one person to collect the funds and donate to the endowment