In the words of Beyonce, WELCOME TO THE RENAISSANCE! 
The Incoming Class of 1999 is back and ready to start this journey to 2.5 MM together. Our new campaign will work a few different ways. 
We are hoping to identify the following within our class:
25 Individuals to pledge $2500.00
25 Squads (up to 10ppl) to pledge $25k per squad
We are also launching a major donor campaign this time around and are trying to identify:
25 Individuals to pledge 10k
25 Squads (up to 2ppl) to pledge $25k per squad
25 Squads (up to 10ppl) to pledge $100k per squad
For more information on becoming a major donor, please email
You will be able to name your squad anything you want, and track your progress in real time on the new giving sight as well as our collective progress. Nikki and I will be able to provide you with instructions on how to set up your squad. 
As an individual or squad, donations can be made on your behalf, including corporate matches. For more information on third-party donations, please reach out to
Lastly, we want to identify squad captains for the many different affinity groups within c/o 99 (i.e. the Greeks, SBI, SJBC, etc…) If you are interested in becoming a squad captain for you and your crew and/or an affinity group, please email: 
If none of the options above appeal to you, we get it, and ask that you pledge whatever makes sense for you and your family. While we do have a big goal in front of us, it is paramount to Nikki and I and the entire endowment board that this whole campaign feels fun and inclusive.
With Rattler Pride,
Walt and Nikki